I'm Josh,
and I make things!

I love to build things.
I've been bending computers to my will since I discovered that the BASIC code to the Gorillas DOS game could be modified. I create websites, applications, networks, nifty bits of digital hardware, and just about anything else.

Code and Technology

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I'm a big believer in open source and free (as in freedom) software. Free Software, Free Society. Because of this I keep much of what I create in the open, whether it be code or ideas. Over at DaedalusDreams you can find where:

You can also find code on GitHub for commits to open-source projects hosted there.

Outside of work

Life is about more than just work though.

My wife Bevin and I blog about our various adventures and experiences. We like to travel, spend time outdoors, take pictures, and knit.

I was homeschooled until I started going to college at age 16, and this has given me a strong ability to self-manage. Being homeschooled taught me to always ask "why", and never to stand around waiting to be told the answer. I love finding out new things, and I find that the best way to learn is to put myself into new situations.

I've always liked Heinlein's specialization is for insects philosophy, and I've tried to learn to do as many varied things as possible.
I play the Pipe Organ, Piano, really anything with a keyboard, although currently not professionally. I keep trying to learn guitar, but it makes my brain hurt even more than my fingers. I like to fly multi-copters, and would love to get my pilot's license someday. I grew up outdoors, and learned how to do everything from operating a backhoe, to wrangling boyscouts; from cutting down a tree, to building a roof. Horses are weird. I'm known to wear a Kilt. The only tie I own has DisneyWorld monorails on it. In a pinch I'm capable of knitting a sweater. I'm okay at cooking, but it's not my favorite. (I prefer Ansible to Chef you see...)